Welcome to Our Cozy Cape! Happy to have you here ūüėä

My name is Caitlyn but close friends and family call me Cait. I was born and raised in a town just south of Boston, MA. My fiancé Anthony and I bought our first home 30 minutes outside of the city in the Summer of 2019. Prior to moving to the suburbs, we lived in South Boston with Kennedy, our sweet 3 year old rescue pup. She could not be happier now that she has a yard to play in!

As for me and my background, I was a hairstylist & makeup artist before transitioning to tech sales where I was an Account Executive at an eCommerce software startup. I always had a love for art & design and seriously considered going to an art or interior design school after graduating highschool however, the world had a different plan for me at that time in my life.

Fast forward to March 2020, when Covid-19 shocked and devasated the world. While quarantining  in our new home, just as everyone else attempting to avoid the virus, I found myself exploding with ideas to change & design the rooms around us. I created an Instagram page to share our updates with family & friends not knowing what it would ultimately turn into. 

As time went on, we made changes with the resources we had & I soon realized that the need to design our home expanded to wanting to help others with theirs. Before long, my “mini side project/hobby” wasn’t enough for my growing passion so I decided to leave my¬† life in sales to study and pursue a career in home design full time.¬†

My hope for Our Cozy Cape is to provide helpful resources, quality service & afforable/attainable inspiration for you and your home. ‚ô°